Will help you with your Health Care needs

Hare Krishna. I am a physician with training in allopathic medicine and active license to practice in Pennsylvania, USA as well as board certification in Internal Medicine. I have recently moved to Mayapur. I am willing to provide services pertaining to health care needs of needy Vaishnavas for what ever fee you wish to pay (If you wish to donate then I may request you to donate for a social cause). These are the services I am able to provide: 1) Assist you with medical decision making 2) Help you frame healthcare power of attorney 3) Provide an informal second opinion on various subjects of health care 4)Accompany you on healthcare appointments 5) Help you choose an appropriate healthcare provider 6) End of life care and decision making 7) Help you resolve ethical issues with your healthcare Please WhatsApp or Telegram only.

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Price - On Call